Project Description

This is a design that I put together as the Creative Director for Designer Skin. The goal was to create a new look in the indoor tanning industry. Competitors had been copying our use of shrink film and stock bottles. The challenge was not only to design a new product label for the brand but to create a new bottle, cap and a new concept to further differentiate the brand from the compitition. First I designed a new bottle shape. The challenge was to meet the bottle fill specifications of 10 ounces while remaining ergonomically functional and pleasing to the eye. Next, I created a new cap shape with jewel inlays. I accomplished this by working closely with an oversees vendor to meet production costs and timeline expectations. The final step was to develop elegant, eye catchy heat shrink labels that mold to the contours of the bottle. Working with the product names “Brilliant” and “Epiphany” I took the packaging to another level by designing stickers that feature foil, glitter and gemstones.